High quality custom web solutions.

Sometimes WordPress doesn't cut it. I craft high performance custom web solutions that outperform existing tools in every way.

Projects I worked on


Apprenticeship / HR



Retail cosemtics



Real estate (Popup) rental agency


Technologies I use


Full Stack Development

We live in an era where generic web solution cant fit all needs of stakeholders and are developer friendly and future proof at the same time. This is why I believe in handcrafted web solutions. I can either develop you a custom web solution bespoke on your needs or join an existing team and enhance your projects.


Many times it is difficult to make a decision alone. Especially in a technical environment. I can consult you in choosing the right technology for your problem whether its about tech stacks, frameworks, programming languages or ci / cd.

Problem detection

Did your ever encounter a bug or a slow loading part of your web solution? Probable! I can help you solve bugs or identify bottlenecks of your web solution.

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